Natural Poplar Plywood

Natural Poplar Plywood has good natural characteristics of the poplar wood ,it is one of the best wood species used for furniture and other types of plywood ,the high quality of poplar logs are used for peeling the high grade poplar face veneer.The downgrade poplar logs are used for peeling the plywood core veneer .

We are the leading poplar plywood manufacturers in xuzhou ,China ,our location has good resource of poplar logs ,even in China,the poplar has many different species .Some have more knots ,some have less knots .SOME DENSITY are big ,some are less density .

We use imported italy poplar logs and domestic local poplar logs to make our poplar plywood,has very lightweight and standard local weight poplar logs .

Our Natural poplar plywood all used E1 AND E0 glue ,smoothly sanded ,tight thickness tolerance ,no open manufacturing defects .



2.5mm to 40mm thickness

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